Cycling on Jura

Hit the open road on two wheels

Cycling on Jura

Jura is one of the most beautiful locations in the British Isles (in fact, we would say the world!) and is perfect for cyclists. Whether you’re looking for some pleasant sightseeing or seeking a bit more of a workout to make you feel like you’ve really earned that dram at the end of the day, the island has something to offer.

Jura only has one road, which is affectionately known as the ‘Long Road’. It begins at Feolin on the island’s west coast, where the ferry from Port Askaig on neighbouring Islay lands. From there, it takes you round the south of the island and works its way up the east coast, stopping just three miles past Ardlussa Bay.

If you’ve cycled all this way then you’ll have done just shy of 25 miles, but there’s still the option to continue. The road turns into a private track but cyclists are allowed to use it. Just under 5 miles along the track you’ll even catch sight of the famous Barnhill House, where George Orwell wrote his iconic dystopian novel, 1984. The track does continue beyond Barnhill, but it’s not possible to reach the island’s north coast by bike, you will have to do some walking if you’re determined to reach it.

The views you’ll encounter along the Long Road and the trail that lies beyond it are truly spectacular. And the views don’t end with the coastline, the Paps and the trees. You will more than likely encounter some of the island’s famous red deer on your trip. Remember to keep a safe distance from them so as to avoid startling or distressing them. After all, there are around 6000 of them on the island while there are only 212 (at last count) of us diurachs (people from Jura), so it’s their island really.

A note for visitors and walkers on the hills - Deer stalking takes place between the months of July and February, so if you plan to visit us during these months, please, as a courtesy contact the relevant estates in advance before you plan to go on your walk. This ensures the deer stalkers know of your presence and helps to keep everyone safe to enjoy the countryside in their own way. Contact details for all the estates can be found at