Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book a trip to Jura on this website?

Unfortunately, we are not a booking service or a travel agent. However, you can use this site to research your trip, plan travel and find accommodation.

When is the best time to visit Jura?

You can visit Jura all year round, but you should prepare for all weathers! If you plan to visit the Jura Whisky Distillery, they have a short shutdown in summer so it's best to check in advance.

How do I get to / around Jura?

To get to the Isle of Jura with a car or by plane you must first head to Islay. A direct passenger ferry from mainland Scotland is also available in the spring and summer months. Check out our How To Get Here page for more detailed travel and transport information.

Where can I stay on Jura?

There's a range of options for accommodation, take a look at our Where to Stay for a list of options to suit your needs.

Are there any events happening on Jura?

Yes, there are lots of events on Jura each year, from whisky events to music festivals. Keep an eye out here for more details in the future.

Is there lots to see and do on Jura?

Yes, there's something for everyone. From stunning scenery and outdoors activities to craft shops and galleries. Why not check our suggested itineraries or things to do page for inspiration?